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Belling the Cat in Concert - John Kurzweg/Jono Manson/Brian Hardgroove/Stephen Dewave Peace @ Santa Fe Art Institute's Art of Change

Friday, September 6, 2019 at 5:30 PM – 11 PM

The Art of Change / Friday, September 6
A night of film, music, and art celebrating catalytic artists that change the world.

Join us on September 6 for a provocative evening of music, art, conversation, and film! The evening will feature a pre-release film screening of the new Prince documentary, Mr. Nelson: On the North Side, and will cap with a performance by Belling The Cat of Santa Fe, who recorded the film’s soundtrack, featuring prominent musicians Brian Hardgroove, Jono Manson, John Kurzweg, and Stephen Dewave Peace.

This annual fundraising event provides essential support for SFAI’s free international residency program. Our initiative to sponsor residency fees is a direct response to a global rise in intolerance and division, and the important need for institutions like SFAI to foster social equity and critical dialogue.

By purchasing a ticket to Art of Change, you directly fund an artist’s essential needs such as housing, transportation, studio supplies, and food — as well as our monthly artist’s talks, roundtables, exhibitions, and our signature community event SFAI140.

Choose your experience! There are 3 ticket packages to choose from based on your level of participation; Purple Rain Package, Raspberry Package, and Little Red Corvette!

Please note the locations for each package may differ.


Purple Rain Package
Starts at 5:30PM / Tipton Hall & SFAI
$250 per person*
Cocktail reception, dinner, and SFAI artist exhibit, followed by a conversation with Director Kirk Fera, Producer and Musician Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy and Belling the Cat), and Director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals and Skins), and a pre-release film screening of Mr. Nelson: On the North Side. End the evening with a premier performance by Belling the Cat.

Mr. Nelson: On the North Side is the story never before told. In a mixed-race neighborhood during the Civil Rights movement, Prince found security, musical opportunities and encouragement at a local community center called The Way.
This influence, coupled with the culture and music of the era, gave Prince his passion for music and performance.

Raspberry Beret Package
Starts at 7:30PM / The Screen & SFAI
$50 per person*
Pre-release film screening at The Screen, followed by an SFAI artist exhibit and premier performance by Belling the Cat at SFAI.

Little Red Corvette Package
$18 per person* / 9:00PM / SFAI

SFAI artist exhibit and premier performance by Belling the Cat at SFAI.

* SFAI Pivot Members receive a discount on ticket packages, visit and enter your Pivot Member password. If you do not have access to your password, please contact

Sennheiser audio technology will be provided for the ultimate sound experience at the event.

The film's soundtrack by The Belling the Cat was recorded at Santa Fe's own The Kitchen Sink Studio.